Kensington & Chelsea - Projects completed

Planning applications: Kensington

April 2018

I undertook a site visit to a house in Kensington to advise on the submission of two planning applications - one for a screen to the rear terrace and one for a new store for bicycles within a Conservation Area. Decisions pending.

Representation at Planning Committee - Fulham

March 2018

We were contacted by an owner of a house in Fulham to represent her at Planning Committee to object against her neighbour’s house extension which was considered to be unneighbourly. Drafted speech and spoke at Committee to Councillors.

Success - Certificate of Lawfulness granted for 4 flats

February 2016

We undertook a site visit and advised on the documents necessary to be able to prove beyond doubt that the building had been used as four flats for more than four years. The application was approved without question.


Planning advice - Notting Hill

December 2014


Research and input into Pre-application Statement for a listed building in a conservation area. I visited the site with the surveyor and architect and have advised on the design to make it acceptable to the planners.



Success - Appeal won against a refused Certificate of Lawfulness

February 2014


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea refused a Certificate of Lawfulness to establish the lawful use of a property as a dwellinghouse. The Council are of the opinion that the property at ground floor was a Clinic (use class D1) but the property was sold to the current owner as a dwellinghouse. I have written the appeal statement and submitted the appeal for the owners. At the Hearing in December, I successfully argued and proved that the property had been in use mainly as a dwellinghouse for more than 4 years and the Inspector granted the Lawful Development Certificate so the owner's property is now lawful.


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