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Richmond upon Thames - Projects completed

Prior Approval granted for Change of use from Office to Residential


February 2020

After a long process of applying for Prior Approval for the change of use of an old office building (last used in 2000) into a house or flats (refused by the Council due to concern about impact on the highway), approval has been granted so this redundant building can now be put into good use.  

Planning permission granted for the demolition of a bungalow and rebuild a contemporary styled house

East Sheen

December 2019

Planning permission granted within 8 weeks for a new house to replace a 1960s outdated dwelling with no financial contribution towards affordable housing.  I advised and assisted the architect on what supporting documents were required and liaised with the case officer to gain permission within 8 weeks.  

Certificate of Lawfulness granted for use of a building as a rehabilitation/Pilates/training studio in Twickenham

May 2019

I advised the owners of the building to gather evidence to prove beyond doubt that the building has been used in the same way for more than 10 years.  We were issued with a Certificate of Lawfulness to demonstrate the existing use is lawful. 

Appeal allowed for first floor and ground floor rear extension to a BTM in a Conservation Area in Kew

May 2019

I have been involved with this property for a number of years and following another refusal from the LPA, the Inspectorate allowed our appeal to extend the dwellinghouse with a modest first floor extension to enable a bathroom to be located on the first floor.  A really good result. 

Certificate of Lawfulness granted for two storey and single storey extensions and roof extensions to a dwellinghouse in Hampton

January 2019

I was involved at design stage with the architects and owner of the house to advise on extensions to a detached dwelling all within permitted development rights.  I submitted two applications, one for a single storey side/rear extension, two-storey rear extension, new window on first floor western side elevation and removal of chimney on western side elevation and another application for a hip to gable roof extension, rear dormer roof extension and installation of new window to front gable.  Both applications were approved within 4 weeks of submission. 

Appeal allowed for extensions and change of use to a live/work building in Twickenham

December 2018

Following a refusal of planning permission by LBRUT, I drafted the appeal statement to justify the development. Planning permission has been granted on appeal for first floor extension and alterations to external elevation to ground floor. Replacement windows to facilitate the change of use from B1(a) office use into a mixed B1(a)/C3 live/work unit. The Inspector found the design to be acceptable and there to be no harm to neighbour's amenity. 

Pre-application submission supported by planners for additional storey to bungalow in a contemporary design in Teddington

December 2018

I was instructed to assist the architects and guide the design for the renovation and additional storey to a bungalow opposite BTMs on a prominent corner site.  The planners supported the design/proposal at pre-application stage.  However, the Council refused the application and this is now at appeal.  

Dormer roof extension approved on Appeal to a flat in Twickenham

November 2018

We were asked to write the appeal statement for an appeal against the refusal of the erection of a dormer roof extension on the rear roof slope and roof to outrigger and to increase the pitch of roof of the outrigger. The owner said "Thanks very much Fiona for all your help, we are very pleased. To be honest I didn't think we'd get it after what Richmond Council said".


Permission granted for a dormer to an outbuilding in Hampton

October 2018

Permission granted for Erection of a dormer window to the outbuilding within the grounds of the nursery. The host building is a BTM and within the Hampton Village Conservation Area. With 3 letters of objection the planners found the application to be acceptable. 

2 storey side extension approved to a BTM in a conservation area in Twickenham

August 2018

Following negative feedback from the planning department, I advised how best to gain permission. I submitted an application for a two-storey side extension, enlargement of the existing basement, re-modelled roofscape to rear, part enclose rear glazed covered porch and new fenestration. This was approved under delegated powers. 

Permission granted for Single storey side extension incorporating a new front door in Kew

August 2018

We were involved with advising on extending this property in a conservation area and a locally listed building to extend at ground floor and incorporate a new front door.  The application was approved within 8 weeks. 


Extensions approved to dwelling in Twickenham

July 2018

I attended a site visit and advised the architect on a new pitched roof, front elevation and elevational

changes to a small dwelling in Twickenham. The application was approved within 8 weeks. 

Single storey rear extension approved in Teddington

June 2018

I was involved with advising the architect with the overall design and submitted the application with a planning statement to justify its approval.  The planning officer stated that they would refuse it as it was contrary to the house guidelines. However, I successfully convinced them that there would be no harm to the neighbours and the application was approved. 

Listed building and planning permission granted for an orangery to a house in Barnes

June 2018


Appeal allowed for mansard roof extension

May 2018

We were approached following refusal by LBRUT to submit an appeal.  We drafted the appeal statement and the appeal was allowed. As we argued, the Inspector concluded "I conclude on the main issue that the proposal would integrate comfortably with the host dwelling and wider character and appearance of the area."

Planning permission granted for extensions to a house in Twickenham

April 2018

Following refusal of an application we were approached to advise on how the scheme could be revised.  We submitted an application for a replacement front dormer and erection of a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.  This was approved without delays. 

Success – planning permission granted on appeal for first floor rear/side extension to house in Hampton

September 2017

Following refusal of an application for a rear/side extension at first floor level, we drafted the appeal statement to justify why it should be developed and it was allowed by the Inspector in January 2018. The owner emailed: "Amazing news! Fiona, thank you so very much, I'm delighted - you're wonderful!"

Success – planning permission granted for variations to conditions associated with a day nursery in Mortlake 

July 2017

We submitted an application to amend a number of restrictive conditions attached to a permission from 2014 including increasing the number of children to 55, changing the hours to 07.00 - 18.30 Monday – Friday and 09.00-14.00 on Saturdays and removing the personal permission.  This was granted within 8 weeks. 

Success – planning permission granted for a roof extension in Barnes

April 2017 

We submitted an application for a new roof extension to replace an unauthorised dormer within a Conservation area. , the proposal represents an improvement on the existing situation which includes a dormer which was erected without the necessary planning permission.  The new roof will be much more in proportion to the remainder of the house with a steeper pitch which can incorporate all room in the roof with the associated stairwell


Success – planning permission granted on appeal

2 storey side extension to house in Richmond

January 2017

Planning permission granted was on appeal for a two storey side extension to a house in a

Conservation Area in Richmond. The Council refused the application on the grounds that the

proposal would block a gap and disrupt the pair of semi detached houses. Cameron Jones

Planning successfully argued that there would be no harm from the extension and it was

granted permission on appeal. 


Success – planning permission granted on appeal

Outbuilding to be used as ancillary accommodation in Twickenham

January 2017

Planning permission granted on appeal for the retention of a log cabin at the end of a garden in Twickenham for the use

by the owner for guests. Whilst the Council's planners had recommended approval for this, the Planning Committee

refused the application on grounds of noise and disturbance and use by those not associated by the owners. However,

Cameron Jones Planning successfully argued that the building would be entirely incidental to the main dwellinghouse,

that there would be no harm to neighbours and it was granted permission on appeal. 

Pre-application advice

New dwellinghouse in Teddington

December 2016

I was approached by a couple who were buying a house and wanted to build an end-of-terrace

house on their plot.  I undertook a site visit and drafted the pre-application letter providing a full

justification for the development.  The meeting held with the Council’s planners was very positive

and the Council gave their verbal support for the scheme.  

February 2017 - Planning application submitted for the new dwelling. I drafted the supporting

planning statement and advised the applicant on matters relating to affordable housing,

sustainability issues, parking, residential design standards, Community Infrastructure Levy,

infill development, residential amenity issues and design.  This was refused due to concerns

with parking. 

September 2017 - Planning application submitted for the new dwelling. We submitted an

amended planning application with more supporting evidence on parking and this was approved at

Planning Committee. 

Appeal - two storey side extension in Hampton

December 2016

The owner of a semi-detached dwelling approached us following refusal of planning permission for a  first floor side extension.  I advised that an amendment could overcome the concerns raised by the Council over infilling a gap between the properties.  The Council refused the amended scheme and I submitted an appeal against the refusal.  Decision pending.

Appeal - rear dormer in Teddington

November 2016

We were requested by the owner of a flat to submit an appeal on his behalf for the erection of a dormer extension.  The owner was of the understanding that the dormer would be permitted development. However, as his property had been sub-divided into flats the dormer required planning permission.  The area is dominated by large rear dormers and therefore our planning statement focused on that.  Decision pending.

Success - rear dormer to Building of Townscape Merit in Hampton

November 2016

Planning permission granted for a rear dormer to a building used as a children's nursery in Hampton. 

Appeal – two storey side extension and rear extension in Twickenham

August 2016


I attended a site meeting and drafted the appeal statement following the refusal of planning permission for a two storey side extension and rear extension.  I completed the forms and submitted the appeal for the owner of the house. Although the appeal was dismissed we successfully argued that the gap would not be blocked and therefore the principle of a two storey side extension was acceptable.  The only matters of concern were related to the design of the front porch and rear roof section of the side extension. These are to be amended and a new application is to be submitted.


Success – planning permission granted against officer recommendation - Mortlake

Two storey rear extension to a house in a Conservation Area

August 2016

I was contacted by the owner of a property who had applied for planning permission for a two storey rear extension to a dwelling in a conservation area (and was locally listed). He had  been informed by the case officer that it would be refused.  I assessed the application and considered it had a good chance of gaining planning permission.  I negotiated with the head of planning at Richmond and requested that the application be determined by the Planning Committee. 

I drafted the speech for the owner to read out at the Planning Committee (I was away on holiday at the time).

Even though the planning officer recommended the application be refused, the Members of the planning committee unanimously voted to approve the application and it was duly granted planning permission.

Success – listed building and planning permission granted for the demolition of the existing two storey side extension and rear steps; erection of replacement three storey side extension (with mansard roof) and single storey lower ground floor rear extension plus internal alterations to the main building in Barnes

March 2016

There is much planning history to his property but planning permission and listed building consent were granted on appeal for extensions to a Grade II listed building within a conservation area.  I requested a Hearing for the appeal and represented the owner at the Hearing. The Inspector issued his decision within one week of the appeal hearing. A good decision after a long process. 

Success – planning permission granted against officer recommendation

Extensions to 3 houses in Richmond

January 2016


Submitted planning applications for 3 households – one as a joint planning application and one for a single household to extend their properties with 2 storey rear extensions within a conservation area and to locally listed buildings. The Council recommended refusal but managed to convince the Planning Committee members to vote against the recommendation and the planning applications were approved.


Success – amendment to planning conditions granted to a Children’s Day Nursery in Twickenham

January 2016


A Children’s Day Nursery in Twickenham had been approved with 3 restrictive conditions tying it a personal consent and to a particular name.  I wrote the planning statement to justify why the conditions should be removed and consent was duly granted.


Planning advice – Twickenham householder

February 2016


Planning advice for a couple intending to buy a house and needing advice on how best to extend the property.


Pre-application advice and planning application submitted – new dwellinghouse in Twickenham

February 2016


Involved with a pre-application submission for the extensions to a small dwellinghouse to enlarge the space by extending it by two storeys. Attended the site meeting and advised accordingly. Wrote the planning statement and submitted the planning application with advice on Affordable Housing (and Viability assessment), Sustainable Construction Checklist, Energy Assessment, Parking issues, design issues, Room sizes, Neighbour amenity issues. Decision Pending.


Enforcement appeal and pre-application advice to a Children’s Day Nursery in Hampton

January 2016


Cameron Jones Planning was instructed following the issuing of an Enforcement Notice and the failure by the previous planning consultant to advise successfully.  Undertook a site visit, liaised with the architect and submitted the appeal on grounds A, B, F and G.  Also advised that pre-application advice was necessary to engage with the Council on a future design which would be more in keeping with the locally listed building.



Success – planning permission granted for new gates, fence and garage door to a BTM in a Conservation Area

December 2015


Planning application submitted and approved without delays


Objection letter – Twickenham

November 2015

We drafted an objection letter for a householder against a backland development adjoining their property on grounds of harm to their residential amenity, unacceptable backland development, lack of parking, poor standard of accommodation, cramped overdevelopment, unacceptable development due to flooding issues. The Council subsequently refused the planning application.


Objection letter - Richmond

September 2015


We drafted a letter of objection for a householder concerned at the development to the rear of his property which had not been built in accordance with the approved plans and sought amendments to the development. 


Success – Planning permission approved for new external staircase – Richmond

July 2015


We submitted a planning application for a new external staircase to a house in a Conservation Area. Although a previous application for the site had been highly controversial this application was approved within the 8 week deadline.


Success – Appeal allowed for a rear extension within a Conservation Area

April 2015


A rear extension had been built slightly higher than that approved owing to an error by the architect and the Council refused planning permission to retain the extension as constructed. The house owner instructed a barrister to draft the appeal statement and we managed the process and responded to further queries from the Inspectorate. The appeal was allowed and planning permission granted for the extension as constructed.


Objection letter – Twickenham

March 2015


We drafted a letter of objection for a householder concerned at the size and potential overlooking from a neighbour’s proposed extension. Regrettably the Council approved the extension.


Planning applications and Listed Building Consents for large house in Barnes

February 2015 to present


We have been providing planning advice and support on a number of applications and appeals for extensions to a Grade II listed building. Whilst some applications have not been successful we finally gained planning permission for a 3 storey side extension and glazed rear extension. We are attending an appeal hearing for a variation of the approved scheme.




Success – Appeal allowed for extensions to house in Twickenham

January 2015


We were instructed to write the appeal statement and manage the appeal following refusal of planning permission for a part single and part three storey rear extension, roof terrace, basement enlargement with lightwell to rear and alterations to windows to a BTM in a Conservation Area. The appeal was allowed and permission was granted.


Planning Advice for change of use from 5 flats into a single family dwellinghouse - Richmond

January 2015


We provided a full report setting out the likelihood of gaining planning permission of changing a property from 5 flats into a single family dwellinghouse taking into consideration the policies at Richmond in relation to the loss of flats.


Planning advice - Twickenham householder

December 2014


Planning advice for a householder following refusal of permission to advice on what could be granted planning permission.



Objection Letter - Richmond

November 2014


Drafted an objection letter for the owners of a property in Richmond who were opposed to the application at their neighbouring property.



Objection letter - Kew

September 2014


Wrote an objection letter for the resident who adjoined a site where a planning application has been submitted for a large 2 storey extension.



Planning application - Richmond

August 2014


We submitted a planning statement and planning application for the development of a 2 storey rear extension which has not been built strictly in accordance with the approved plans. The application was refused by the Planning Committee.



Planning application - Barnes

July 2014


Visited the dwelling house in Barnes in a Conservation Area and a locally listed building and advised on the proposal to extend the property at roof level, second, first and ground floors. I have written the planning statement to accompany the planning application. Decision refused.



Success - Permission granted for extensions to house in Richmond

June 2014


Site visit, advice and planning statement drafted for a basement extension, front lightwell, single storey rear extension and alteration to the first floor terrace to a large house in Richmond. I have advised the architects dealing with the project and sought amendments prior to the submission to ensure the application is approved within 8 weeks.


Success - Planning appeal won for a two storey side extension to house in East Sheen

May 2014


Instructed to write the appeal statement for a two storey side extension to a house on Sheen Common following a refused planning application.   I undertook a site visit, wrote the statement, submitted and gained planning permission for the owners.



Planning appeal submitted for dormer extension - Twickenham
April 2014


Site visit and appeal statement for a client who received a refusal decision notice for a dormer roof extension to their property in Twickenham in a Conservation Area. The appeal was dismissed because whilst there were other dormers in the road these were not in the conservation area and the Inspector insisted that a smaller dormer was necessary.



Objection letter written against planning application - Teddington
April 2014


Instructed by an owner of a property in Teddington concerned about a planning application submitted by her neighbour.  Undertook a site visit and wrote an objection letter. Liaised with the planning officer and also contacted the enforcement team about unauthorised works to the site.



Success - Planning permission granted for 2 storey rear extension to two properties -

March 2014


The owner contacted me following refusal of two planning applications. We advised what we considered could be approved and re-submitted a joint planning application for a two storey rear extension to two adjoining properties. We wrote a statement to support the application, completed the application form and submitted the application on behalf of the owners. We had to negotiate hard with the planners and sought amendments for the application after the planners recommended refusal. One month after the decision was meant to be given, we were granted planning permission.



Success - permission granted retrospectively for dormer in Twickenham

October 2013


Approached by the owner of this property when he had received a letter from the Council's enforcement officer stating that the dormer which had been constructed required planning permission. We undertook a site visit and advised that there would be a good chance of gaining permission. We wrote the supporting statement and submitting the application for the owner of the property. Planning permission granted but the case officer had indicated he would refuse the application but we convinced the case officer the applciation should be approved.



Planning advice prior to purchasing a new house in Twickenham

September 2013


I provided a comprehensive analysis of how a dwelling could be extended for a house in St Margarets, Twickenham to give the purchaser the confidence that they could extend the house in the way they envisaged. I provided further advice in a follow-up telephone conversation.



Planning advice to resident in Barnes
August 2013


A resident of Barnes was concerned about the plans submitted by his neighbour for a large 2 storey side extension. I advised them of all the planning policy and guidance to aid them in a letter of objection.



Success - Application for office extension to a garage in Richmond

August 2013


Drafted the planning statement and covering letter and submitted the planning application for a contemporary styled extension to a garage to accommodated an office in a conservation area in Richmond.  

Granted planning permission within 8 weeks.  



Success - Application for house extension in Richmond
August 2013


Planning application submitted to extend an original planning permission for a single storey rear extension to a flat in Richmond.

Planning permission granted within 8 weeks of submitting the application.



Success - Planning Permission granted for extensive house extensions in Richmond
July 2013


I wrote the planning statement, checked all the plans were correct and submitted and managed the planning application for extensions at second floor level, ground floor and basement, plus alterations to the front elevation at lower ground level and new permeable paving to the front drive.

Permission Granted



Success - Appeal for demolition of garages and erection of 6 houses and an office - Barnes
February 2013


Represented LB Richmond-upon-Thames at a hearing for the erection of 6 houses and an office with parking on a backland site in Barnes. Appeal dismissed for unneighbourly development, poor design due to cramped location. Other issues included financial contributions towards affordable housing, impact on neighbouring listed building, poor provision of amenity space, poor parking provision and impact on trees.



Success - Appeal for 5 houses – Hampton
January 2013


Represented LB Richmond-upon-Thames at a hearing for the erection of 5 houses on garden land in Hampton - dismissed on grounds of harm to the character and appearance of the area and harmful impact on neighbours. A good result.



Success - Appeal for 2 houses in the floodplain - Teddington
January 2013


Represented LB Richmond-upon-Thames at a hearing for the erection of two new houses on a vacant plot within the Floodplain in Teddington. Appeal dismissed on flooding grounds and poor design.


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